About the dance

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Argentine Tango is improvised, with every step being a spontaneous, creative discovery, and with the partners focused on each other and on the music. Every step is led and followed. It is about the connection. The follower, paying full attention every moment, and the leader listening to and accommodating his follower, can create an experience for both partners that have been likened to Zen meditation. The flow of the dance is dictated by the bodily communication between them. It is inherently intimate, on a deep level, and transcends thought and reasoning.

Whitehouse Tango Dance

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The Toledo Tango Club is dedicated to growing the Argentine Tango Community in the Toledo Area. We hold dances (Practilongas) every Friday night and we try to act as a calendar of events for Tango Dance Studios in the area. The site contains information on Tango dance lessons as well as information on the dance internationally. If you're interested in helping out we would love to hear from you.